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The Institute of International Relations Business School

We are an international educational platform whose goal is to develop modern practical skills and customer relationships for successful business building and personal growth.

Our mission is to select from the huge flow of information the most necessary and useful; qualitatively and clearly convey it to the listener, taking care of his comfort, time, personal needs and, above all, internal development.

We believe that a successful business is based not only on understanding the basic terms, principles and processes, but also on the inner harmony of its founder.

It is important for us that the graduates of the Business School not only learn new skills, but also receive a charge of energy and inspiration to set and achieve new goals, both in business and in everyday life.

There are many business schools that offer their services on the market, but only we have such a strong base as the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko University, known for his high level of teaching etiquette, diplomacy, negotiation and foreign languages.

Our listeners - influential, successful, charismatic, interesting - they have great connections, love to travel, constantly learn something new and know how to turn their dream into a job and a hobby.


Feedback from our graduates

Sergey Tumasov

(photographer - traveler, businessman)

Graduate of 2017

"I attended the courses "Business Negotiation", "Psychology of Influence" and "Personal Branding" at the IIR Business School. I will say this - you need to hear it. Study. Whether you are starting your career or are already a trained professional. Everyone will find something new and useful. It is necessary to listen to three courses at the same time, because in many respects they are interconnected and strengthen the skills and knowledge acquired. The best coaches and teachers in their fields share their knowledge. Not just the best - the authors of their unique courses and techniques. And all this in a pleasant, favorable atmosphere of the new young Business School. ”

Courses and corporate programs

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1. You make a prepayment in the form of UAH 1,000 or immediately pay the full cost of the program (course).

2. Sign a contract with the Business School ( contract )

Details for payment for the course:

a/c 2600 7053 1547 42  (Privatbank),

MFO 321842

EDRPOU 40143130

Recipient: Ukrainian School of International Innovative Entrepreneurship, Law and Communications 

Purpose of payment: for educational services from (specify name and surname, course title).

Please note that this is not a PrivatBank card, it is the official account of the Business School.

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